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    Nov 02: 7:00 PM

Co-hosted by the Free Enterprise Center and the College of Business

Lucas Rouggly, Founder of LOVEtheLOU, will interview Tawana Lawson, ‘person of peace’ and Director of the Resource Hub. Tawana will share the story of stabilization on Enright Ave. and how she went from being a LOVEtheLOU recipient to a central leadership role. This story perfectly embodies the neighborhood stabilization model of charity, which honors the dignity of recipients, looks for what they have to offer, and empowers them to achieve their own goals in revitalizing her own neighborhood.

About the Speakers

Lucas Rouggly
Executive Director & Founder, LOVEtheLOU

Lucas Rouggly is an Saint Louis transplant, originally from Southeast Missouri, with his roots around 7 miles from Jackson, Missouri. His transformative encounter with faith occurred in this rural setting, leading to a profound change of heart, motives, and life trajectory. In 2011, Lucas and his wife relocated their family to Enright Avenue in North St. Louis, a pivotal step that marked the genesis of LOVEtheLOU as an organization. With a decade's worth of firsthand experiences within the neighborhood, Lucas takes pride in highlighting the positive developments emerging from this historically significant facet of the city.

Tawana Lawson
Director of Resource Hub, LOVEtheLOU

Tawana Lawson originates from North St. Louis, proudly nurturing a connection to her roots. As a devoted community member, Tawana raised four children and two grandchildren here, with LOVEtheLOU enabling a lasting legacy. Amidst evolving community dynamics, she embarked on her service journey in 2010, initially as a neighbor and friend. Tawana's intuition, guided by faith, led her to pivotal roles, exemplifying positive change both personally and communally. Presently, she excels as LOVEtheLOU's office manager, eagerly anticipating the organization's future endeavors.